Sewer and Drain Repair

Sewer and Drain Repair

Unclog your main waterways.



Fix your leaks and unblock your pipes.

Water Leaks

Water Leaks

Stop the drip before it becomes worse.

Don't Stress Over a Damaged Plumbing System

Let a local plumber in Odessa, TX fix it for you

When your home or business has plumbing problems, it can be a hassle to fix them on your own. You need a professional company that knows how to diagnose the issues and fix them ASAP. You need I Fix Pipe, LLC.

We offer every kind of plumbing repair service, from water leak repair and fixing water heater problems to storm drain repair. If you need something repaired or replaced, we're the crew for the job.

Call us today at 432-559-1000 to make your plumbing headaches in Odessa, TX and surrounding areas a thing of the past.

Rely on us for your every plumbing need

Plumbing issues come in a variety of forms, and you need a local plumber who can handle them all. We offer a variety of plumbing solutions to our customers, including:

  • Hydro jetting
  • Water leak repair
  • CIPP pipe lining
  • Plumbing inspection
  • Storm drain repair and maintenance
  • Sump pump maintenance and repair
  • Water heater maintenance and repair

Trust a local plumber that brings over 30 years of experience to the table. Email us now to discuss your system issues and get the plumbing services you need.

Dedicated to quality plumbing repairs

At I Fix Pipe, our mission is to provide our customers with affordable and reliable repairs. Since 1988, we've been serving the Odessa, TX and surrounding areas with plumbing repair service of every kind. With a team of background-checked and drug-tested professionals, you can be confident in a job well done.

Connect with us now to leave your plumbing worries to a qualified local plumber.

Three Reasons to Choose Us

Our trusted and experienced industry professionals

At I Fix Pipe, our technicians are some of the best in the industry. We are a close-knit team that works tirelessly to provide Odessa areas, like Central & West Texas, with lasting pipe solutions. When choosing to work with pipe professionals, you want to make sure they will take care of your property like they would their own.

We've been providing top-of-the-line services to our customers since 1988

Our team at I Fix Pipe specializes in high-quality pipe inspection, cleaning, repair, and replacement services. We've offered environmentally friendly hydro jetting services since 1988, and no-dig pipe lining services since 2000. We pride ourselves on taking our time and providing you with careful pipe technologies you can count .

We always put our customers first

When you are experiencing pipe problems, money can be the number one factor that deters you from seeking professional assistance. Thankfully, our company offers quick approval financing to customers to assist in financing your pipe repair, replacement, or installation. At I Fix Pipe, our customers are our number one priority.