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We can handle every aspect of plumbing repair.

Welcome to I Fix Pipe! Our plumbing business is one that is unique. Built with a strong work ethic, unique perspective, no-commission sales techniques, and a commitment to do the right things for our customers, we have grown our business since our inception in 1988. If you have been looking for a company that can help you in Odessa, Texas and the surrounding areas, we encourage you to look no further than our professional plumbers.

About I Fix Pipe in Odessa, Texas

We work with all different kinds of plumbing, both residential and commercial. Because we wanted to be able to offer our services in the most convenient and economical way possible for our clients, we have perfected services such as trenchless plumbing and pipe repairs, hydro jetting, and even trenchless sewer line repairs. We make sure these services are done with care each time, and we stand behind them with a 10-year warranty.

In addition to our trenchless pipe repairs, we can handle almost every other type of plumbing repair service including water leak repairs, fixing water heaters, storm drain repairs, and even find your hidden leaks through leak detection. With expertise in both commercial and residential plumbing, we are confident that we can handle your next plumbing problem.

We believe in treating our customers right, not only as members of the community but as part of our business best practices. We won’t just make recommendations, but we will help take the time to educate our customers about their plumbing, helping them to make educated decisions. By taking this bit of extra time with each customer and providing them with excellent services, we have found our business has grown and flourished.

If you are looking for the help of an expert plumber, please give our team a call today.