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When Should You Get A Gas Pressure Test By A Licensed Plumber?

It’s common for us to receive calls from customers who have called the gas company to set up service and were told that a plumber would be required to do a gas pressure test and that a city inspection would be required before service would begin. You may not realize that we work on natural gas, so they don’t know why this test is necessary or what is involved.

What is Gas Pressure Testing?

A pressure test ensures the integrity of a gas line. This process involves subjecting the gas line to extreme pressure in order to ensure that its pipes, fittings, joints, and other essential components are in a condition which eliminates the risk of gas leaks and explosions.

Why is a Gas Test Required?

Whenever the utility disconnects and plugs the service, tags the lines, or pulls the service, a gas test is required. A licensed plumber must test and repair gas piping, then an inspector must examine it. Local authorities will not restore your gas service until a gas test has been conducted.

I Fix Pipe Testing Process

We test for gas leaks by monitoring the system pressure using a gauge applied by our qualified plumbers. When a leak is found, we attempt to locate it and repair it. The line may need to be replaced if too many leaks are found, rather than repaired.

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