Leak Detection

With our leak detection, plumbing problems won’t drain your budget!

When you have a leak, our team at I Fix Pipe is here to take care of it. We are experts in fixing problems below the surface.

While many people think of a leaking pipe as something that is easily noticeable, there are times when leaks go undetected. Even though you might not see water spots, you still might have leaking pipes if you notice:

  • Sudden spikes in your water bill.
  • Dripping or flowing sounds in the walls.
  • Water damage near your pipes.
  • Mold development near water sources.
leak detection

When these issues arise, trust the expert plumbers at I Fix Pipe to find and seal the leaks. We utilize ELECTRONIC LEAK DETECTION tools to find the source of the problem, enabling us to make necessary repairs and save your system from further damage.

What is electronic leak detection?

All water leaks produce some level of noise, even if you cannot hear it, our leak detection equipment can. Also, different sizes of leaks have different sound frequencies which are determined by the degree of pressure emitted by pipes. An electronic leak detector picks up these frequencies and a professional who is trained to understand the acoustics of plumbing then deciphers these sounds and determines the best course of action for repair.

By utilizing electronic leak detection technology and understanding how it works to troubleshoot what is happening under your slab, hidden leaks are detected, avoiding severe and costly water damage to a home. If you are in Permian Basin or surrounding areas, we are here to help with your plumbing needs. For more information about our array of commercial and residential services, give our team a CALL TODAY.

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