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Leak Detection, Odessa, TX

With our leak detection, plumbing problems won’t drain your budget!

Plumbing is something that every home and business requires, but it doesn’t last forever without the need for maintenance and repairs. Sometimes pipes will leak, need repairs, or need upgrades in order to keep up with your water usage. When you have a leak, our team here at I Fix Pipe would love to help you take care of it. We are experts in fixing the problems below the surface. When a slab leak arises, call on our professionals. A lot of problems can plague your pipes, especially if you haven’t upgraded them in years.

leak detectionWhile many people think of a leaking pipe as something that is easily noticeable, there are times when leaks can go undetected. For these instances, our plumbers utilize electronic leak detection tools to find the leaks. Electronic leak detection like ours uses technology to find even the smallest of leaks, enabling us to make the necessary repairs and save you from further damages.

Even though you might not see water spots, you still might have leaking pipes if you notice:

  • Sudden spikes in your water bill
  • Dripping or flowing sounds in the walls
  • Water damage near your pipes
  • Mold development near water sources

When these issues arise, trust our expert plumbers to find and seal the leaks. We can provide leak detection along with other services including pipe repair, replacement or sealing. When we’re done, your pipes will be free of leaks.

If you are in Odessa, Texas or the surrounding areas, we would love to help you with your plumbing needs, including leak detection. For more information about our variety of services, please give our team a call today.


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