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Do Noisy Pipes Mean You Need New Pipes Installed?

Noisy plumbing might seem spooky, mainly when pipes go “bump” in the night. But ideally, pipes should operate quietly. So, you shouldn’t ignore the noise when your pipes bang, shake, rattle, drip, or vibrate.  

What Causes Noisy Pipes?  

There are a couple of reasons pipes might be noisy. But, generally, most plumbing sounds can be attributed to three things.  

The Water Hammer  

The water hammer is a term we might use to refer to when we shut off a valve while the fluid is still in motion. This abrupt stop creates a pressure wave that bangs against the pipe. It’s an issue with water flow and pressure, and we can solve it by installing water hammer arrestors. Alternatively, we can replenish your air chamber or the air-filled vertical pipe that works to absorb the shock of water hammers.   

Growing Pains  

We can sometimes attribute strange noises to poorly insulated copper pipes, which expand when hot water runs through them. As your pipes expand and contract with changing water temperatures, they may rub against brackets, studs, joists, and any other structural elements, which can cause noise.   

What Do Your Pipes Sound Like?  

When resolving these issues, you need to be able to describe the sound to your plumber. Then, depending on how clear the noises are, you might be able to narrow down the possible issues causing the noise based on the sound alone.   


Banging and thuds are almost always a surefire sign of the previously mentioned water hammer. Water hammer noises aren’t always loud bangs, though, and can be a series of short, fainter ones.   

Shaking and Rattling  

You’ll notice that workers use fasteners to secure pipes to the walls and internal structures. However, if they aren’t properly attached or when they come loose, your pipes will rattle and shake against your walls, nearby studs, and brackets. We can help you identify, access, and fix these noisy fasteners at I Fix Pipe.  

Shrill Whistle, High-pitched Whining, or Squeal  

With whining or whistling, determine the location of the sound is essential. Two primary sources of whistles are the pipe system, faucet valves, and toilets. Whining and squealing near faucet valves are likely just loose washers, nuts, and bolts that need tightening.  

Whistling toilets are easy fixes, as it’s just a simple ballcock fix within your tank. Pipes whistling in your walls, floors, or ceilings could be a different issue. In many cases, it’s best to take advantage of professional service to pinpoint the cause of whistling within your plumbing system.  

Gurgling or Glugging  

When you hear glugging or gurgling noise, it might be air chambers forming in the drains. It’s usually due to clogs or obstructions in your pipe from soap scum and debris. Our team can quickly resolve the issue with our drain cleaning service at I Fix Pipe.   

Squeaks or Rubbing  

These noises usually mean that your copper pipes are rubbing against your home’s internal structural features due to expansion and contraction. While squeaking and rubbing noises are generally harmless, our team at I Fix Pipe can assess the noise and offer recommendations for pipe replacement if needed. 

Dripping or Ticking  

Drips might mean you have a drain issue or a leak. Unseen leaks can become a real headache, particularly when you notice mold or mildew forming along your walls and ceilings. Even if mold and mildew aren’t yet an issue, you’ve probably already noticed the higher-than-normal water bill. While ticking noises might be your pipe’s thermal expansion, you should still get it checked out. At I Fix Pipe, we offer electronic leak detection so, you can find the leak without damaging your property.  

Humming and Vibrating  

If you hear a low hum similar to quick vibrations, your water pressure is probably too high for your plumbing system’s capacity. High-water pressure causes your pipes to vibrate, which can cause further damage. Call our team at I Fix Pipe to get the issue resolved right away.    

Do You Need New Pipes Installed?  

For any noises, general plumbing questions, or concerns, call I Fix Pipe today! We offer trenchless plumbing, no-dig pipe repair solutions, drain cleaning, and electronic leak detection to quiet your plumbing and put an end to those concerning noises.

Call (432) 559-1000 — we’ll offer recommendations for fixes that will resolve your noisy pipes! 

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