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Do Plumbers Do Gas Lines

Our slogan states, “If water runs through it…We Do It,” but the truth is that we, as well as many plumbers, also handle gas lines (despite the lack of water). But what is the relationship between plumbers and gas lines? And how do gas lines work anyway? Here’s everything you need to know.

What are the Dangers of Natural Gas?

Similar to the water in your home, gas is pulled into your space from an outside source. While pipes run water through a vast delivery network, gas lines are less extensive. For example, most homes don’t have gas lines running into their bathrooms. Why? Gas is a powerful and dangerous energy source. Natural gas is a mixture of fossil fuels, predominantly methane, including ethane, butane, and propane—none of which you want to inhale openly. Not only is natural gas extremely flammable, but it can also cause asphyxiation.

Your body needs oxygen to survive; natural gas pushes oxygen out of the way and replaces it with non-breathable air. So the first signs that you may have a gas leak could be chest pains or a headache due to your body’s inability to take in oxygen. If this starts to happen, it’s essential to remove yourself and anyone else from the house and call emergency services right away.

Thankfully, natural gas suppliers add another ingredient to the natural gas mixture that allows you to smell it before these effects occur. Natural gas alone is colorless and odorless, but the added element helps you and your gas line repair team detect the presence of a gas leak before it can harm you or your family.

How Do Plumbers Help Fix Gas Lines?

At this point, we should clarify that only some plumbers are certified to work on gas lines. Natural gas is harmless and beneficial to your home when installed and maintained correctly, but due to the potential dangers associated with the power source, a special license is needed for gas lines ensuring that your home stays safe from any of the risks mentioned above. Like we do with water lines, plumbers certified to work on gas lines will detect any leaks in your system and shut the source down before work begins.

Then, similar to the water lines, they will repair those leaks to ensure the house is safe from any hazardous fumes. While working with gas lines, special care is needed because natural gas is highly flammable. Most gas range stove tops ignite with a spark. If there’s a leak, even a tiny spark could spell disaster. Gas line repair is never a DIY job! Always call a professional when dealing with gas.

Call The Team That Does it All!

A home that is powered by natural gas is a home that has one of the cleanest and most sustainable sources of energy. Despite its dangers, the benefits of having natural gas in your home outweigh the risks when professionals have your back.

At I Fix Pipe, we want you to know that you’re in good hands with all your pipe and gas line needs. If you want to ensure that your gas lines are in good condition, or if you need service and repair, Call I Fix Pipe today! We’ll make sure your home is safe and secure, so you can reap the benefits of having natural gas in your home.

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