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Common Plumbing Problems Near Odessa & Midland, TX

The wear and tear associated with daily use of your plumbing system can lead to a host of problems. Your home or business will inevitably run into difficulties, but understanding common plumbing problems will help you catch them early. Early detection is key to minimizing damage to your property and maintaining the unobstructed flow of your pipes.

Clogged Toilet

Arguably one of the most common plumbing problems in residential and commercial properties, a clogged toilet can easily turn into a flooded bathroom if you aren’t careful. A plunger can easily fix a simple clog, but if the clog is persistent there could be a more serious problem. Foreign objects, buildup of material, or invasive tree roots can lead to a blockage that can’t be moved by a plunger. When your plunger isn’t working, let the professionals handle it.

Slow-Draining Fixtures

It may start slow at first, but then suddenly you realize that you are standing in an inch or more of water during your shower, or the sink backs up when you are washing dishes. You may also notice a gurgling sound as the fixture drains. It is important to address slow-draining fixtures because it usually signals a clog somewhere in your system. Multiple fixtures backing up at once is typically a sign that the clog is located somewhere near the end of your plumbing system. If the clog worsens, it could lead to a burst pipe or other plumbing emergency.

Leaky Pipes or Dripping Fixtures

A leaking pipe can start as a hairline crack, but can eventually compromise the pipe and lead to property damage. Your pipe can be leaking because of corrosion, added pressure due to a clog, or many other factors. Leaky fixtures can be a nuisance, and can lead to a spike in your utility bills. Faucets often leak because corrosion has occurred around the valve seat or interior washers. These small parts are best replaced by an experienced technician to avoid any further damage.

When to Call a Professional for Your Plumbing Problems

It can be tempting to use do-it-yourself methods to fix your common plumbing problems. However, something that seems straightforward like a clogged toilet can indicate a more serious problem. If your plunger or other DIY repairs aren’t working, don’t resort to harsh chemicals or mechanical snakes because these can end up doing more harm than good. Our team at I Fix Pipe uses industry-leading technology to repair your pipes when common plumbing problems occur. We offer many forms of pipe repair, and many of them won’t require digging on your property. Our no-dig methods can be typically be completed from an existing access point for quick and convenient repairs.

Contact Us for All of Your Plumbing Problems

Don’t let a common plumbing problem turn into a plumbing emergency. We offer quality repairs that are cost-effective and durable so you won’t have to worry about the problem recurring anytime soon. Once you notice the telltale signs of a plumbing problem, let our dedicated technicians customize your repairs for your unique circumstances. Contact our team at I Fix Pipe to get started with an inspection.

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With a complete list of services, our professional staff is ready to fix any plumbing issues throughout Central & West Texas. We understand that unexpected repairs can be frustrating, so let us solve the problem for you.

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