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Cracked Pipes Odessa & Midland, TX

Even a hairline crack in your plumbing system can cause a damaging leak. Understanding the telltale signs of a cracked pipe can allow you to seek professional help before the crack grows or causes costly property damage. Our licensed professionals at I Fix Pipe can fix your cracked pipe with a variety of techniques, including non-intrusive repairs that don’t require digging a hole.

What Causes Cracked Pipes?

With environmental factors and human error at play, there are nearly endless reasons your pipe could crack. Your crack could be caused by:

  • Old pipes made out of a fragile material
  • Pressure buildup because of an obstruction
  • Tree root invasion
  • Landscaping or remodeling projects can lead to accidental damage
  • Nearby construction, natural disasters, and weather can cause the ground to shift

Immediate action is needed to prevent the crack from growing. If you hear water running even when your fixtures turned off, you could have a leak. You may also see puddles or water damage around your property, a sudden spike in your utility bills, or an odd, musty smell when leaks are present.

Fix Cracked Pipes with Pipe Lining

An inspection will help our plumbing specialists locate your cracked pipe. Small cracks can be fixed with pipe lining, a non-invasive form of pipe repair. An epoxy lining is pulled into your affected pipe and inflated to stick to the inside of your pipe. The epoxy fills in the cracks and cures into a brand-new pipe within your existing pipe. This long-lasting solution helps you get the most out of your current plumbing system and can typically be completed in a day.

When severe cracks or other extensive damage are present, pipe replacement may be necessary. However, we can also utilize no-dig pipe replacement methods that alleviate the need for digging a trench on your property. No matter the severity of your cracked pipe, I Fix Pipe has the perfect solution.

Benefits of No-Dig Pipe Repair

In the past, plumbing repairs meant digging a trench the length of your damaged pipe. These methods often led to digging through your flooring, landscaping, sidewalks, roadways, or other features on your property. Modern repairs, on the other hand, can be completed from a nearby access point and reduce or even eliminate the need for reconstruction. Without costly cleanup, non-intrusive pipe repair can save you time and money.

Because of the smaller work area, we are able to send a smaller crew and ditch the heavy equipment for a quick and easy repair. We can then pass our savings on to you and get your repairs done quickly, which benefits everyone involved.

Contact I Fix Pipe for Your Cracked Pipes

Plumbing repairs are often dreaded by homeowners and business owners alike. Let us eliminate the headache associated with plumbing repair by utilizing convenient and durable no-dig repairs. A simple hairline crack doesn’t need to be a hassle, and our knowledgeable staff will work quickly to let you get back to normal quickly. Putting off your pipe repair will only result in more repairs, so give our team at I Fix Pipe a call today to get started.

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