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Our team at I Fix Pipe specializes in a variety of safety Services that allow for our customers to feel good about their pipeline health. At I Fix Pipe, we encourage residents of Odessa and Midland and the surrounding communities to stay proactive about the checking their pipes regularly to make sure there are no problems. Pipelines are essential to the function of structure because they allow for water, gas, oil, and other fluids to flow into and away from buildings. Leaks in your pipe system are serious problems that can results in serious damage to a property. For example, if your pipes are leaking it could attract tree roots and encourage them to grow towards your pipe eventually invading them, leaving you with costly damage. At I Fix Pipe, we are dedicated to our customers and want to provide them with the best services possible.

Why Leak Detection is Important for Your Texas Property

Leak detection is a very important for residential, commercial, and municipal properties because it allows us to identify the exact location of a leak within your pipe system. Pipeline leak detection can be performed on a variety of pipes that contain liquids or gas. Pipe lines are invaluable to properties and should be carefully maintained. When pipe leak, it causes pipelines to be contaminated which affects your safety if the contaminated water is used. Leaking pipes can also cause your utility bill to skyrocket because your pipes are constantly running and leaking. Leak detection for your home or business saves you costly repairs or replacements in the long-term. If home and business owners are concerned with being environmentally friendly, leak detection is one of the ways they can be conscious of that. Leaking pipes waste clean water and allow harmful gases to get into the environment around their property.

Methods of Leak Detection

At I Fix Pipe, we understand that every home and business is different which is why there are various methods of performing leak detection. Type of leak detection our technicians specialize in include sewer camera inspection, slab leak detection, and hydrostatic leak detection.

Sewer camera inspection is a highly-reliable form of leak detection that requires our team to locate the cleanout hole somewhere on your property to check for leaks by examining the interior of your system. When our team has located the cleanout hole, they will insert a flexible rod with high-resolution camera attached to it into your drain. The cameras we use are waterproof and provide our team with a crisp clear view of your pipe’s interior. As the camera moves through your pipeline, it will reveal leaks and allow our team to determine its exact location. Not only do sewer camera inspections allow us to see leaks within your pipes, but they also reveal the source of the cracks or leaks whether it is due to a blockage or tree root invasion.

Slab leak detection is a form of leak detection that uses a combination of Pipe Inspection, pressure tests, electronic listening, and line tracing equipment. After a sewer camera inspection has been performed, our team will find the location of the leak with static pressure testing in your underground line. Slab leak detection provides customers with lots of valuable information about the leak within your pipe.

Hydrostatic leak detection, also known as hydrostatic pressure test, can be performed on a residential of commercial sewer system to determine if your plumbing system is experiencing leaks. The process involves an inflatable test ball being inserted through your cleanout hole and into your pipe. When properly inserted, the test ball is inflated blocking the main sewer line, so water can be filled within the pipe and ran to test for leaks.

Call I Fix Pipe to Assist You in Finding Troublesome Leaks within Your Pipes!

At I Fix Pipe, we are always ready to assist you with your pipeline problems. Leak detection is the best way to find the problems occurring within your pipe. When the leaks within your pipe have been identified, we can also provide you with a high-quality repair service that best meets your residential or commercial needs. Our team is made up of industry professionals who are standing by and ready to help you.

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