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Pipe Inspection Odessa & Midland, TX

At I Fix Pipe, we provide our Midland and Odessa, Texas customers with pipe inspection services that are affordable and highly-reliable. In the past, traditional methods of pipe inspection involved digging trenches and playing a guessing game of where problems were occurring within your pipe system. These methods of inspection left home and business owners frustrated, stressed, and discouraged. Luckily, modern methods of pipe inspection involve non-intrusive technologies that do not require trenches to be dug and landscape to be damaged in the process. Our team at I Fix Pipe always makes sure that we know what is going on within your pipes before we service your property.

Do-It-Yourself Drain Cleaners are Not the Solution

When you are experiencing drain issues, it can be easy to ignore minor issues or try to solve them with a drain cleaner you purchased from a home improvement store. While drain cleaners may seem like a viable solution to your drain problems, they only mask the problem for a short amount of time and, often, lead to larger problems in the future. It is difficult to solve problems that you cannot visibly see, which is why professional pipe inspection is always the best way to check your drain problems.

Inspect Your Drains with Sewer Camera Inspection

Pipe inspection is a careful process conducted by professionals to closely examine the interior of your sewer and drain pipes. Sewer and drain camera inspections can be performed on all pipe materials. If you do not know what kind of material your pipe system is made up of, the sewer and drain camera inspection can tell you as well as how old your drain systems are. The pipe inspection process begins with the technician locating the cleanout hole on your property. If the cleanout hole cannot be located, our team will dig a small strategically placed hole to establish access to you pipeline. The technician will then insert a high-resolution camera into your drain that is attached to a flexible rod that can move through the most difficult pipe systems. As the camera moves through your drain, it will reveal imperfections that are causing your pipe problems. Looking at the live-feed of your pipes, our team will establish the best solution that meets your system’s needs.

Benefits of Pipe Inspection

Pipe inspection is a simple process that provides you with tangible results in a short amount of time. Pipe inspections can reveal a variety of things that are beneficial to customers.

Clogs or Blockages - If your pipe inspection reveals that the source of your sewer and drain problems are clogs or blockages within your pipe system, they can be taken care of with hydro jetting. Hydro Jetting is an environmentally friendly cleaning service that cleans your drains with high-pressure clean water.

Cracks and Leaks - If our team notices crack and leaks within your system, we will recommend no-dig pipe repair. No-dig pipe repair does not involve excavation and repair your pipe system from within. Non-intrusive pipe repair, also known as pipe lining, allows for new pipes to be formed inside of your existing ones.

Severely Damaged or Collapsed Pipes - In rare cases, pipe inspection will show severely damaged pipe or a full pipeline collapse. If your pipes are in this state, they do not need to be taken care of with dig-and-replace methods. Instead, no-dig pipe bursting will allow for the pipelines to be complete replaced without you even knowing, your pipes we fully replaced!

At I Fix Pipes, we service residents near Odessa and Midland with state-of-the-art inspection services that save customers time and money. It is our goal for customers to always be satisfied and pleased with the services we provide them with. Before you attempt to solve your drain problems without knowing what is truly going on, stop to call your local team of experts at I Fix Pipe to take a look at your drains.

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