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Sewer Repair Odessa & Midland

At I Fix Pipe, our team is comprised of industry experts who specialize in no-dig pipe repair. Whether you are flushing your toilet or watering the lawn, sewer and drain pipes allow properties to function on an everyday basis. In the past, sewer and drain repair was negatively viewed due to traditional methods of excavation. Traditional methods of sewer repair required trenches to be dug across properties that ruined driveways, sidewalks, and landscapes, leaving home and business owners with the extra costs of restoring their property to its former function. Fortunately, modern technologies make it possible to renew and restore sewer and drain systems without harmful dig-and-replace methods. Our team at I Fix Pipe makes it easy to repair pipelines with three easy steps: Pipe Inspection drain cleaning, and pipe lining.

High-Definition Drain Camera Inspection

The non-intrusive services we provide at I Fix Pipe are reliable due to drain camera inspections that take place before any cleaning or repair service. Drain camera inspection allows our team to assess the state of your pipes including their age, what material they are made from, and the problems occurring within your pipe system. The camera inspection begins with our team accessing the cleanout hole on your property. A cleanout hole is an opening on your property that can be opened and closed to provide access to your drain system. Drain inspections involve a high-definition camera being inserted into your drain pipes. As the camera moves through your drain it provides a real-time view of your pipe’s interior revealing all blockages, clogs, cracks, and breaks. When our team feels they have all the information they need, we can then move onto the drain cleaning process that preps your pipes for pipe lining.

Hydro Jetting Before Your No-Dig Repair

We use Hydro Jetting at I Fix Pipe because it is a highly-reliable drain cleaning service that will allow for the most optimal surface for your lining to take to. Hydro jetting involves a hose being inserted into your pipeline via the cleanout hole used for your sewer camera inspection. The hose has multi-directional nozzle on it that sprays pressurized water in all areas of the pipe. The water pressure is high enough to clean your drains of tree roots and calcified clogs. After our team is finished thoroughly cleaning your pipe, we will begin the pipe lining process.

Sewer Pipe Repair

Non-intrusive pipe lining is the most effective way to repair your pipelines without full replacement. At I Fix Pipe, we use one access point to restore your pipes which leaves your property in pristine condition. The pipe lining process involves saturating a felt liner s with epoxy. The impregnated liner will then be inserted into your drain and pushed through it coating all areas of your pipe’s interior with the new material. The liner is left in the pipe for several hours or 60 minutes if heat is used. When the allotted amount of time has passed, the liner will be removed, and the pipe will be inspected one more time to ensure the pipeline is ready to be used.

The modern pipe lining services we provide at I Fix Pipe is always affordable and environmentally friendly. As a company, it is our goal to provide Odessa and Midland residents with reliable services that do not ruin the land that makes our state what it is. If you are experiencing sewer and drain issues, it is always valuable to call professionals to help you with your repair. No-dig pipe lining is a seamless process that will last you for years to come.

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