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Spin Casting Pipes Odessa & Midland

No-dig repair systems and methodology are some of the most safe and cost effective solutions available in the plumbing industry today. For many consumers, this technology is entirely new to them. However, after working withno-dig technologies since 2000, our team at I Fix Pipe has seen many pleased consumers that have had their plumbing concerns completely solved by implementing a safe and efficient non-invisave solution.

If you are currently experiencing any problems or issues with your plumbing system, it is time to give us a call to set-up an inspection appointment with one of our experienced, professional technicians. Our team is prepared to handle any problem with a variety of modern solutions. The Locations that we have serviced for more than 30 years, including Odessa and Midland, Texas, have come to value our exceptional work that makes use of the most up-to-date practices and technology.

What is Spin Casting?

Spin casting is a pipe rehabilitation technique that does not require any excavation or digging that other repair methods may call for in order to access the pipe system in place at your residential or commercial property. Rather, spin casting is a non-invasive method that allows us to perform the necessary repairs through a single access point.

Once an access point is located, a long hose fixed with a spincaster, or rotating spindle, is pulled through the pipe until it reaches the damaged section or other end of the plumbing system so that it can be coated entirely. The spincaster is then slowly pulled towards the access point as it rotates, leaving behind a coating that essentially creates a brand new, structurally sound pipe within the failing pipe. Since the new pipe layer is thin and adheres tightly to the inside of the old pipe, the capacity and flow potential is only minimally reduced.

Perhaps the most notable feature of spin casting is that staging the repair does not require any trenching or digging. This means that any repairs after the lining is completed are kept to a minimum. Many of our clients at I Fix Pipe have come to highly value our no-dig solutions due to their cost-effectiveness compared to traditional plumbing methods.

The Spin Casting Method

Since the spin casting process has so many benefits, including it’s inherent ability to reduce invasive measures, many of our customers are pleased with the results once their plumbing system has been repaired. Since this technology is becoming increasingly popular in the industry, we pride ourselves on our years of experience with implementing this technology so that home and business owners can continue their day to day lives without any added inconveniences.

Below are the typical steps we follow when completing a spin casting project for one of our commercial or residential clients:

1. Locate and identify any pipeline access point. These locations include common manholes or drains.
2. Clean the pipeline to ensure the new coating will adhere to the sides of the pipe. Our cleaning solution depends on the material of the existing pipe and the current level of corrosion.
3. A video inspection is then performed to reassure that the pipe is clean and ready for coating.
4. Coat the pipe.
5. Reinspect the pipe to verify the coatings viability.
6. Seal any access points and ensure that the property is cleaner than we found it.

Let Our Team at I Fix Pipe Solve All of Your Pipe Problems

Our clients have continued to make us their trusted technicians when performing any necessary repair, regardless of difficulty and complexity. At I Fix Pipe, we are equipped with the tools and experience to handle any plumbing repair that you require. Please, Contact us today to see how we can help solve your plumbing problem.

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