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Why Your Toilet Keeps Clogging and How To Fix IT

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have had to deal with the disaster of a clogged toilet. Few things are as fear-inducing as a toilet that refuses to flush. Nothing compares to the sheer panic that comes over us as we stare at the water level inside of the toilet bowl slowly starting to rise. 

The reasons that our toilets clog can be numerous. Sometimes these are one-and-done occurrences. A swift use of the plunger may be all that’s required. However, there are some instances where the problem persists. If your toilet is clogged frequently, read on to find some common issues that may be causing your toilet to stop. 

Older Models and Low-Flow Toilets 

Older homes may still have some of the original fixtures installed. If your home was built over two decades ago and still has the original toilets, it’s probably time for some replacements. 

Older models tend to have older components that may have worked well when they were initially installed but are barely functioning today. Your tubing may have leaks, or your flapper may be so flimsy that it’s slow to release water. Rather than overhaul these smaller pieces, it might better suit you to buy a new toilet fixture that can keep up with today’s demands. 

Low-flow toilets work well in public spaces and specifically for urinals, but low-flow toilets create more problems than solutions for household use. A generous flow of water is needed to push most solid waste down the drain, and low-flow toilets don’t have the power to get the job done, which usually creates a blockage within your pipes. 

If you have questions about the type or age of toilets in your home, give I Fix Pipe a call to help give you the answers you need. Ensuring that your toilets are up to date and powerful enough to fulfill their duty will ensure that you don’t encounter unwanted clogging. 


Beyond having an old toilet or a toilet with minimal flow capacity, the following reason for clogging happens whenever there is a blockage somewhere in the drainage system. Backup can occur due to multiple reasons. 

The most common reason for blockage is the flushing of wipes and feminine products or the excessive use of toilet paper. Wipes and feminine products do not break down and can cause problems even in new systems. While toilet paper comes in thin sheets that sewage and septic systems can break down with minimal effort, the sheets are also highly absorbent.

The High absorbency of this paper can be a problem whenever too much of it is collected in a small space, such as your toilet drain. As the paper condenses into a smaller space and absorbs the liquid in the bowl, it grows in size and traps itself inside the small pipe leading to its final destination. This restriction also cuts off the water flow and creates a clogged toilet. In many instances, this issue can cause the toilet to overflow and its contents to spill out into the bathroom, a worst-case scenario. 

Blockage can also happen along other parts of your drainage system. The S trap is an especially susceptible place for backup. This specifically shaped part of older plumbing systems keeps strong sewage odors from traveling up your drain and into your bathroom. Today S traps are commonly replaced with P-traps that do the same thing but are more efficient in their design. Still, S-traps are among the most common places to find blockages because of their shape. 

Other problems might occur further down your sewer line. When water doesn’t flow into your sewer system at regular intervals, particles inside the pipe may become stagnant and create obstacles that are harder to move. The barriers cause backflow because the water has no place to go. 

Don’t Let a Clogged Toilet Ruin Your Day

If your toilet is clogging frequently or giving you problems of any kind, you can always call the professionals. At I Fix Pipe, we have plumbing experts ready to help solve those annoying toilet issues. Whatever they are, I Fix Pipe can help. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. 


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