Let us fix your sewer line!

Tree roots, a broken pipe, misalignments, corrosion, and cracks can all lead to problems with your home’s sewer line. When this happens, you might expect that our team at I Fix Pipe will need to tear up your yard and driveway to get to your sewer line to fix it. But with trenchless sewer line repair and replacement technologies, we’ll only need to dig one or two holes in your yard that range from one to two feet across. In some cases, we may not even need to dig into your yard at all.

Trenchless Sewer Line in Odessa, Texas

During the trenchless sewer line repair process, we will take a careful look at your sewer line to diagnose the issue correctly. This usually includes an in-pipe video inspection that allows us to accurately see the damage to your sewer line. We’ll then discuss your options for cleaning, repair, or replacement.

If the problem with your sewer line is limited to one short section of the pipe, you can typically get away with a repair. But if your sewer line is old or in overall poor condition, a complete replacement may be your best option. In either case, we will provide an honest estimate for the repair or replacement upfront and explain the process to you completely before we get started with the work.

If you live in the Odessa and Midland, Texas area, trenchless sewer line repair or replacement is a cost-effective, noninvasive way to maintain the functionality of your home’s sewer line. If you have questions, get in touch with us today!