What is Electronic Leak Detection?

Take care of plumbing leaks before they cause major problems.

At I Fix Pipe, we want you to trust your gut if you think you have a plumbing leak! Call us to schedule an electronic leak detection appointment where we use specialized electronic leak detection equipment to locate your water leak under the slab quickly and accurately.

At I Fix Pipe, our technicians are trained to locate leaks without damaging your property in most cases. Our extensive experience troubleshooting plumbing problems coupled with our top-of-the-line electronic leak detection equipment allows I Fix Pipe to locate challenging leaks quickly – saving time, money, and damage to your property.  

If your water bills have suddenly skyrocketed, you notice warm spots on your floors, have low water pressure, or you find standing water anywhere in your home, it is time to give I Fix Pipe a call. We can find it quickly.  

Our modern electronic leak detection technology allows us to locate plumbing leaks in ways traditional methods cannot. For more information about our leak detection services in the Permian Basin and surrounding areas get in touch with us today. 

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