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Everything You Need to Know When Preparing Your Home for Vacation

Spring break and summer vacation are right around the corner, meaning you’re counting down the days until your well-deserved holiday. Finally, a break from the stress and hassle of everyday life. You pack your bags with all the essentials, being careful not to forget anything too important, but have you forgotten the most important thing of all? How have you prepared your home for your absence? In this article, we will share several helpful tips about how you can secure your home while you’re gone and enjoy an anxiety-free holiday.

Shut Off Main Water Supply

The most effective way to prevent plumbing problems in your absence is to shut off the water supply to your property. This may seem extreme, but you can eliminate most plumbing problems by removing water from the equation. All you need to do is locate your main shut-off valve, usually located near your water meter, and give it a clockwise turn to stop the flow of water to your property. This will ensure no water leaks or pipe bursts develop while you are away.

Have an Inspection Done

Prior to your departure, we highly recommend contacting the I Fix Pipe team for a professional inspection of your plumbing system. Identifying existing or potential leaks before leaving can save you from inevitable water damage and mountainous water bills when you return. You will not regret having that peace of mind going into your well-deserved layaway!

Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters and downspouts are essential to your property’s drainage system and should be cleaned regularly, especially before an extended absence. This becomes particularly important during wetter seasons, such as spring. Clearing your gutters and downspouts of debris will prevent water from accumulating on your roof, which can potentially cause leaks, water damage, and in extreme cases, collapse. Cleaning your gutters is a simple process you could do yourself at the last minute, although we don’t recommend waiting!

Adjust Your Water Heater

If your home has a tank-style heater, you may be in luck! These heaters are equipped with a vacation mode for when you won’t be using your home’s plumbing system for an extended period. If not, turn down your water heater’s temperature manually. Minor adjustments like this can lower your water bill while you’re gone and prolong the life of your home’s water heater.

Unplug Appliances

Prior to your departure, we highly recommend unplugging any non-essential utilities while you are gone. These include appliances such as your coffee maker, washer, dryer, and microwave. Not only will this reduce energy costs while you are gone, but it will also lower the chances of an electrical fire. Larger, more essential appliances, such as your fridge, can remain plugged in.

Notify a Trusted Neighbor

Share your vacation plans with a trusted neighbor or friend before your departure. Ask them to keep an eye on your home in your absence and share any emergency contacts with them. Having a watchful eye on your property can prove to be invaluable should something go wrong.

By taking these precautions, you can enjoy your vacation with the peace of mind that your home and plumbing system are well-equipped for your absence. For help preparing your home for your next vacation, don’t hesitate to call I Fix Pipe, your trusted plumber in Midland and Odessa, Texas. Remember… If water runs through it, we do it!

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