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We want to help with your sewer pipe repair!

Sewer drains are a critical part of any home or commercial property. While they are mostly ignored and rarely thought about, they can sometimes be damaged or experience problems that affect the rest of the property. Over time, your sewer line can suffer from major issues. There are many things that could build up in your sewer pipes to cause a large clog, including trees roots and things that should not have been flushed down the drain in the first place. Here at I Fix Pipe, if you need sewer pipe repair at your Odessa, Texas area property, leave the work to our experts!

We have the tools required to diagnose your plumbing issue and fix it. Our experienced staff can quickly get to work clearing out your drain, leaving you with a safe and sanitary system. Our professional plumbers use advanced technology to find clogs without a lot of digging. We can send a small camera down the water line to see where the problem lies. Then, we can use a powerful hydro jet to blast water against the inner lining of the pipes. This releases the buildup and gets your drains flowing again. This process, known as hydro jetting, is a great option for many sewer pipe repairs. Not only does it allow our plumbing contractor to clear drains quickly and safely, but it can be done with minimal invasiveness.

In addition to our hydro jetting, our trenchless plumbing option allows us to make repairs to strengthen your pipes, which is particularly helpful for people whose damages were caused by tree roots. Whether your damages were caused by trees, broken pipes or large clogs, we are ready to tackle your sewer pipe repair. Contact us today to learn more!