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Reviving Your Plumbing System: How Orangeburg Pipe Replacement Can Save the Day!

Introduction to Orangeburg Pipe

Have you ever heard of Orangeburg pipes? If not, you’re not alone. Many homeowners across the country are totally unaware of Orangeburg pipes and the issues they can cause in home plumbing systems. Otherwise known as bituminous fiber pipes, Orangeburg pipes were popular in home plumbing systems in the 20th century and were marketed as a cheaper alternative to more traditional cast iron or clay pipes. Homes nationwide were outfitted with Orangeburg pipes until the 1970s, when more reliable, efficiently produced pipes became available. Time has proven Orangeburg pipes to be outdated and dangerous, so what can you do to protect your home? 

Warning Signs and Prevention 

If your home falls within the age window for Orangeburg pipes, don’t worry! Despite their faulty nature, you can get ahead of the issue and prevent failures in the first place. The best way to do this is to schedule a preventative inspection. By diagnosing deteriorating Orangeburg pipes before they fail you can prevent further damage to your property, save yourself money, and stop wondering when disaster will strike!

Should your Orangeburg pipe be too far gone, detecting the signs of that Orangeburg pipe failure is pivotal to minimizing the damage it can do. There are several warning signs to look out for, including the following:

  • Low Water Pressure: Low pressure from spouts around your home could mean a failing Orangeburg pipe. Be sure to check all faucets and showers, as you could have a deformed, collapsed, or blocked Orangeburg pipe. 
  • Struggling to Drain: If you begin to notice recurring backups while draining water around your home, it could be the result of a faulty Orangeburg pipe. This usually occurs when the pipes start to deteriorate or are blocked and thus work less efficiently. 
  • Odor in the Home: The presence of foul odors in the home is a telltale sign that it’s time to replace your Orangeburg pipes. Years of degradation to the pipe can lead to sewage leaks whose odors will permeate throughout the residence. 
  • Elevated Water Bills: Should your home have faulty Orangeburg pipes, you will likely see your monthly water bills increase drastically. This could be because of a leaking or blocked Orangeburg pipe affecting your system’s efficiency and wasting water. 
  • Lawn Trouble: A collapsed Orangeburg pipe could even reveal itself through your front yard. Look for distinct lines of dead grass along the sewer line and even small sinkholes caused by the pipe collapsing! 

The Dangers of Deteriorating Orangeburg Pipes

The two main concerns when dealing with a deteriorating Orangeburg pipe are the health of the homeowners and the property itself.

Should your property experience a sewage leak due to a faulty Orangeburg pipe, bacteria, viruses, and gasses from that raw sewage will be released and can contaminate your water supply. The water you bathe, cook, and clean with will all be harmful to you and your loved ones should you ingest or come in contact with it. You could even contract several diseases, putting yourself at risk for serious health complications and even death. 

The next worst consequence of a failed Orangeburg pipe is the damage it can cause to your property. Collapses and backups can be costly to fix and even do further harm to the household beyond the plumbing. Far worse than the depressions and dead grass in the lawn, your home’s foundation could be damaged should an Orangeburg pipe fail. If a pipe collapses or a sinkhole opens, your home’s foundation could be under increased stress and possibly crack! 

The Orangeburg Pipe Replacement Process

So you’ve finally had enough wimpy showers and high water bills and decided to have your plumbing system inspected. You’re taking huge steps in protecting your home! Here’s what those steps will look like:

  • Call an Expert: Because replacing Orangeburg pipes can be complicated and tedious, we strongly recommend outsourcing the work to your local experts. Leave it to them to ensure the job is done safely, correctly, and quickly. 
  • Inspection and Assessment: A technician will be dispatched to your house to conduct a full inspection of your plumbing system. They will be looking for leaks, blockages, and collapses in your Orangeburg pipes that could be causing issues. Expect them to keep you informed of their findings throughout. 
  • Planning and Payment: Throughout the inspection, the technician will develop a plan to address the damaged Orangeburg pipes and present that to you, along with a project timeline. Should you agree to the plan, you may be asked to pay a down payment before any work begins. 
  • Excavation and Removal: Should it be necessary, the technician will begin unearthing the Orangeburg pipe to start the process of removing it. The pipe will be separated from the rest of the plumbing system and removed without causing any further damage to your property. Once the Orangeburg pipe is safely removed and properly discarded, it’s time to upgrade!
  • Installation and Inspection: Upon removing the damaged Orangeburg pipe, your technician will install your industry-standard pipes. You can expect a reliable, long-lasting replacement if the proper steps are taken. Finally, a second inspection will ensure the new pipe is installed correctly. Now, all you have to do is enjoy your revived plumbing system!

Trenchless Technology

I Fix Pipe has years of professional experience with removing, repairing, and replacing Orangeburg pipes. This has left us with industry-leading knowledge and processes for jobs just like this one! 

Should you choose I Fix Pipe for your project, we offer an array of non-invasive repair services to simplify an otherwise complicated and messy project. Trenchless pipe repair is a method of removing and replacing underground plumbing while minimizing destructive digging and damage to your property.  The process includes digging a few small holes to gain access to the pipe, then inserting a flexible, epoxy-saturated liner, essentially installing a new pipe inside the old one. The epoxy liner then hardens to seal cracks and create a new water line. 

The benefits of trenchless pipe repair are immense, however, only a few companies specialize in it. The method is extremely cost-effective because of the lack of damage to the property and less labor the job now requires. Your pipes will return to their original flow and capacity now that they are lined with smooth, non-corrosive epoxy, and your home’s plumbing system will gain decades of life expectancy. 

It is important to note that although trenchless plumbing practices are becoming more common, not every plumbing service offers or is capable of them. When you choose I Fix Pipe for your plumbing needs, you are picking the best!

The Benefits of Orangeburg Pipe Replacement

Now that your Orangeburg pipes are relics of the past, here are a few things you can look forward to:

Expect your water pressure to return to its full might, as the faulty Orangeburg pipe likely impeded water flow drastically. Additionally, the smooth interiors of your new industry-standard pipes will allow the water to be moved efficiently throughout the home. 

You can also expect your water bill to return to its original rate. Now that your plumbing system operates without leaks or collapsed pipes, water waste will decrease exponentially. That means more money lining your pockets!

Lastly, the value of your home itself will likely increase as well. Home inspectors and those looking to buy are often weary of homes with Orangeburg pipes, knowing they are at the end of their lives. By replacing them, you give your home a much-needed upgrade. 

The Cost of Orangeburg Pipe Replacement

Several factors could impact the cost of replacing your Orangeburg pipes. The size of the pipe being replaced and its location could raise the rate as more labor would be required. The cost of this project will also vary based on where you are located and your timetable for the project. You can expect the project to cost between $50 to $250 per linear foot of pipe, a fraction of what you would pay to fix leaks and blockages constantly.

At first glance, the cost may seem significant, but it’s important to remember that taking these steps is a long-term investment in the quality of your home. The potential expenses that faulty Orangeburg pipes can cause will far exceed the one time cost of replacing them. Save yourself the headache and unnecessary expenses that Orangeburg pipes bring, and get your home the upgrade it deserves. 

Why You Need I Fix Pipe

If you suspect your home suffers from compromised Orangeburg pipes, do not hesitate to call I Fix Pipe here in Odessa, Texas. We guarantee efficient, cost-effective work by our fully licensed and experienced team and a lasting relationship between us and our customers. So, the next time you have a plumbing problem, contact I Fix Pipe online or on the phone for a professional consultation! And remember… If water runs through it, we do it!

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