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Leaking Pipes Odessa & Midland, TX

A leaking pipe can start out as a small inconvenience and quickly grow into a big problem. Even a hairline crack can lead to property damage or a more severe plumbing issue, so quick action is needed to ease the effect on your property. Our quick and convenient solutions for leaking pipes will give you peace of mind knowing that your property is left intact.

How to Tell When Your Pipe is Leaking

A leak can happen at any time as a result of decaying pipes, invasive tree roots, added pressure from an obstruction, or even nearby weather events or heavy construction. With such a myriad of instances where cracks can happen, understanding the signs of a leak can help you get it fixed in a timely manner and avoid costly repairs.

One of the most common signs of a leak is the sound of running water even when your faucets and appliances are off. You may also experience a sudden spike in your utility bills, wet spots in and around your property, or noticeable water damage and mold.

What are my Options for Repairing a Leaking Pipe?

Our skilled technicians will first perform an inspection to identify the cause. Your ideal repair methods may change based on the location, severity, and reason for the leak. After the inspection, one or both of the following may be recommended to you:

Drain Cleaning

We typically use hydro jetting to clear obstructions like food waste, grease, scale buildup, or tree roots. The pressurized stream of water will blast through any debris and wash it away.

Pipe Repair

A leak is synonymous with a crack or other damage, so many times your pipe will need to be repaired to restore full functionality. We have many different options, including modern no-dig techniques and pipe replacement options for extensive damage.

Our staff will only recommend what is necessary to repair your pipes. We work with you to create a comprehensive plan that is customized to your unique situation.

Implement a Preventive Maintenance Plan to Avoid Leaks

Corrosion or tree root invasion are hard to prevent, but you can still do your part to prevent future leaks. Practice proper usage of your fixtures and don’t let your drains be used as a garbage can. Keep cleaning wipes, paper towels, food scraps, grease, and feminine hygiene products out of your drains and dispose of them properly.

Having your plumbing inspected regularly by the plumbing experts at I Fix Pipe can also help you avoid leaks and fix potential problems. A maintenance plan is vital to preventing costly repairs, and our friendly staff is willing to help you find a solution that fits your budget and your needs.

I FIx Pipe is Your Local Authority on Leaking Pipes

At I Fix Pipe, we combine our years of experience with the modern conveniences available today. We can save you hundreds or even thousands over traditional pipe repair methods by simply avoiding reconstruction costs. High-quality, honest repairs are just a phone call away, so contact us as soon as you notice signs of a leak.

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With a complete list of services, our professional staff is ready to fix any plumbing issues throughout Central & West Texas. We understand that unexpected repairs can be frustrating, so let us solve the problem for you.

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