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Top 10 Plumbing Tips to Prepare for Summer

When it comes to summer, the last thing you’re thinking about is probably your pipes. However, protecting your pipes from the summer heat is vital in ensuring the longevity of your home. If left unaddressed, any problems with your plumbing system can grow into a larger issue that affects your entire property.

Here are 10 plumbing tips to keep your home safe and protect your pipes this summer!

Pay Attention to Sinks and Faucets

Always check underneath your sinks for signs of leaks, dampness, or even deteriorating pipe hardware. Old and worn pipes can cause huge problems and you can usually avoid most issues with simple hardware replacement.

Even though you use your faucets every day, you should take a few minutes to carefully look at them. In your bath or shower areas in particular, signs of wet wallpaper or mold could indicate water damage behind the walls, which means it’s time to call a plumbing professional.

Look for Leaky Toilets

Pay attention to the functionality and behavior of your toilet during summer months. Touch the floor around your toilets to see if it feels damp. Moisture could be a sign that you have a failed joint or broken seal in your toilet, which is causing the leak. For multi-story houses or apartments, check the ceiling for dampness or drips.

Don’t Overwork your Water Lines

Avoid running multiple outlets like the kitchen sink, the sprinklers, the washing machine, the outdoor faucets, and the shower all at the same time. If you’re careful about how you use your water lines, you shouldn’t notice water pressure problems.

Check and Replace Your Washer’s Supply Hoses

Check your washer supply hoses by pulling out your washing machine, examining the floor behind it for drips, and examining the hose. Rubber hoses can start to deteriorate after five or more years. So, if you’ve owned the washing machine for longer than that, carefully check the hose for cracks and damage; or consider just replacing it.

Wrap Sweating Pipes

“Sweating” pipes is the build-up of condensation on the exterior of your pipes. Though sweating pipes are not technically leaks, they still contribute to water waste. So, you can wrap your sweating pipes to avoid water waste. You’re also protecting your property from water damage.

Test Your Sprinkler System

Mud and leaves have likely jammed your sprinkler head, which causes clogs and slow flow when you turn your sprinkler system on. The clogged sprinkler increases water pressure in your water line, which can lead to leaks or broken lines.

As you’re prepping for summer, test your sprinkler system and pay special attention to whether all your sprinkler heads are functioning properly with a normal water stream or spray. You should also go around and examine each of your sprinkler head to check for damage.

Check for Expanded Hoses

The fun of summer often comes with blistering heat that may expand your hoses. Carefully check your hoses to see if they’ve been affected by rapid expansion before using them. Then, when you’re not using your hoses, store them in the shade to avoid sun damage.

Test Your Outdoor Faucets

If you haven’t used your outdoor faucets since winter, run it for a few minutes before using it. Then check on the inside of the house for any leaks or wet spots near where the pipes for the faucet might be.

Troubleshoot the Water Main Valve

Your water main probably stays on 24/7, 365 days a year. To check it, turn the valve off and then back on again to ensure the valve still works. You’re also checking to make sure it’s not stuck in an “on” position.

Schedule Your Plumbing Inspection

As you gear up for summer, it’s the perfect time to schedule your routine plumbing inspection. I Fix Pipe is standing by to take care of all your plumbing hassles and help prevent any more serious issues from developing. Call us toschedule your plumbing service appointment today!

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