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Top 5 Plumbing Issues

Whether or not we want to think about it, plumbing issues happen, usually not at the most reasonable times. A plumbing problem can create difficult situations when we aren’t expecting them. Thankfully, when an emergency arises, I Fix Pipe is ready to help, but expecting the unexpected is always a good idea. 

To help you budget for those pesky plumbing problems, we’ve compiled a list of the most common issues you will likely encounter. 

#1 Leaking Pipes

Many plumbing problems happen out of sight. You may not even know you have an issue with your pipes until the problem has been present for a while. That’s because the pipes run throughout your house behind walls, in your attic, and underneath your floor. 

Water pipes connect through a series of joints and fittings. Sometimes the pipe may develop pin holes, fittings may loosen, erode or crack. Whatever the cause, water can begin to leak, causing serious damage to the interior of your home over time. If the leak is minimal, you may not notice it immediately, but the buildup of moisture within your walls, floor, or attic can create a serious headache for you later. 

If you see a drop in water pressure or an increase in water usage on your next utility bill, call I Fix Pipe to have your system inspected. We will fix the problem and save you money. 

#2 Frozen Pipes

Texas is no stranger to extreme weather. We see it all, from scorching heat to arctic blasts. Many times, the weather can change without much notice. A beautiful, comfortable day can be followed by a frost-filled weekend. The unpredictable nature of Texas weather can leave you unprepared when it comes to your home plumbing. 

Frozen pipes occur when freezing temperatures stick around for a few days, but If the temperature drops drastically low, your pipes can freeze over even in a matter of hours. If your plumbing system isn’t ready for it, you’re likely to run into inconvenient circumstances. Access to running water is necessary for every home, but when pipes freeze, you won’t be able to retrieve it from the tap. Many of our daily activities require fresh water. It’s nearly impossible to go a day without it. 

If you have problems give us a call.

#3 Tree Roots

Trees can add a desirable aesthetic to any yard. Still, one important fact to remember is that they grow as much under the ground as they do above it, which can be especially important regarding your drain and sewer lines. 

90% of your plumbing system isn’t visible. It runs through your house’s walls and floors and underneath the ground outside of your home. Tree roots can create unwanted problems for the plumbing system under that beautiful yard. They are naturally drawn to water sources and will grow in whatever direction they can find it. Many times, this leads them directly to your drain and sewer lines, especially in older cast iron or orangeburg piping. Tree roots are a common culprit for clogged pipes both under your yard and under your home.  

If you have an older plumbing system located near a tree, tree roots may be causing problems for your home. If you’re thinking about planting a tree and want to ensure that your plumbing lines are safe from future growth, give I Fix Pipe a call. We can help you locate lines and ensure that any existing trees aren’t already giving you plumbing issues. 

#4 Leaking Fixture

The constant sound of a dripping faucet can be irritating. That slow, steady noise echoing through your house can cause sleepless nights and wary days. At I Fix Pipe, we know there’s hardly enough time to take care of daily tasks, much less to figure out what’s causing your faucet to drip. 

Leaky fixtures can happen for various reasons, but more likely than not, they can be chalked up to age. Over time, plumbing fixtures get worn out, fittings become loose, seals break, and valves get stripped. The more you use them, the more likely this will occur, and you will likely have that annoying sound plague your dreams. 

You don’t have to replace your entire fixture to stop it from dripping. I Fix Pipe can diagnose the problem and get help to get you back to restful nights without a costly trip to the home improvement store. It’s often as simple as replacing a seal or a screw, but you may not know which one until you call the professionals. 

#5 Hard Water 

Water is clear when it comes out of our tap, so seeing green and white deposits on your faucet and shower head can be concerning. Even more concerning is that these mineral deposits can occur in places that aren’t as visible and can cause even more damage to your water lines. 

Calcium and limescale are the culprits for that mineral deposit that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie growing out of your plumbing system. It’s not as scary as that, though. These minerals are naturally found in freshwater and are more prevalent in water directly from a well. The buildup happens in places where the water lingers and dries. These buildups can create issues throughout your system, including clogging pies and making fixtures susceptible to breakage. 

I Fix Pipe has several solutions to help with hard water issues. A water softener or filtration system is often the best solution for homes with hard water and will decrease the stress on your water lines in the future. 

Don’t Let Plumbing Issues Go Unresolved!

I Fix Pipe has seen it all. Frozen pipes, leaky faucets, and aggressive tree roots are nothing new to our specialized team of plumbing experts. If you’re having plumbing issues or want to be proactive to ensure you don’t run into any, give us a call. We’ll be glad to help you save money on future repairs or find you the most cost-effective solutions for current ones. 

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