What is No Dig Pipe Repair?


Plumbing is meant to work below the surface – buried underground, behind walls – hard at work bringing in fresh water and taking out wastewater every day. When plumbing is working as it should, it is rarely a thought that crosses our minds. However, when plumbing issues arise, fixing them can quickly become a headache.

Traditional repairs often require digging and destruction ahead of time. At I Fix Pipe, we offer no-dig (also known as trenchless) plumbing solutions that access your plumbing without typical amounts of damage and destruction.

If you are in Odessa, Texas or surrounding Permian Basin area, the plumbing professionals at I Fix Pipe can implement trenchless plumbing solutions for your commercial and residential plumbing needs. As a certified Nuflow installer, our experts can also work with the larger sewer lines outside your home to create reinforced, stronger pipes.  

No-dig plumbing utilizes high-tech solutions that bring the best results, backed by a 10-year warranty in post cases. Whether you have a commercial or residential property, old or new, we want to help you. For more information about our array of plumbing services, including trenchless plumbing, contact us today.